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Meyerland Wallpaper Services

The Wallpaper Lady has been serving Meyerland families for decades. It’s not uncommon for her to arrive at a home to find a note taped to the door, “Julie, the key is under the mat. Please make yourself at home. There are Cokes in the ‘fridge and coffee in the pot. We’ll see you this evening when we get home.

The Wallpaper Lady takes pride in helping turn your home into your dream castle!

“You did a wonderful, wonderful job. I am just so pleased with it. Thank you for your hard work and congratulations for a job well done. The interior designer is really pleased. I’ve had other installers who did not call me back, or who tried to charge for coming to this neighborhood. We’re really happy with the Wallpaper Lady and her work and commitment.” - B. S.