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Paperhanger’s Guild Goals and Ethics

Founded in 1973, The National Guild of Professional Paperhangers is a non-profit trade organization of wallcovering installers and manufacturers dedicated to superior craftsmanship in both the production and hanging of every type of wallpaper. The organization provides educational opportunities and encourages networking between members, as well as the promotion of wallcoverings and professional installation to the public.

NGPP Code of Ethics

As an expression of principles of proper conduct in the pursuit of our industry as related to the public, our fellow contractors, our employees, and this organization, I will strive:

  • To provide the services of this industry to the fullest extent of our technological ability.
  • To protect the public and fellow members from the materials not meeting our high standards.
  • To faithfully fulfill all contracts.
  • To conduct our operations according to the highest professional standards.
  • To stay abreast of changing conditions in materials, installation techniques and economic conditions.
  • To encourage the free exchange of ideas and opinions.
  • To meet regularly with fellow members and non-members to promote the precepts of this code.
  • To promote equal treatment for all Guild members.
  • To oppose any discriminatory practices against any of our members.
  • To provide opportunities for further training, employment, and advancement to all those who show an interest and apply themselves to our trade.
  • To promote the morals and spirit of this code and the objectives of this Guild through the creation of councils and chapters throughout these United States of America.
  • To establish and maintain the highest level of reciprocal respect and good will with all segments of this industry.
  • To keep in mind the definition of a Guild -“group of people with the same interests and pursuits”.
Customers Love the Wallpaper Lady!

"Julie, you did an amazing job with the grasscloth in our master bedroom. This has exceeded my expectations. I have been waiting for this for years, and I’m so glad we found you!" - D.S. (Sugarland)

"Thank you for your speedy response, and I do take note of your detailed attention to my needs. I am very impressed with your thoroughness and apparent knowledge and experience in this trade. I appreciate very much your professionalism and your responsiveness." - P.G.