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Wallpaper Installation Process (continued)

  • Primer

    The right primer is essential.

  • Smooth Wall

    The wall is smoothed and primed and ready to hang.

  • Wallpaper Setup

    All set up and ready to go!

  • Rolls of Wallpaper

    Rolls and rolls of wallpaper.

  • More Rolls

    Checking to be sure all bolts are from the same run.

  • Plotting

    Plotting the layout. Pencil marks only – ink stains wallpaper.

  • Level Wall

    Using a level to keep paper plumb and straight.

  • Pastes

    So many papers, so many pastes!

  • Paste

    Special non-staining paste is required for grasscloth.


(After initial e-mail exchange with the Wallpaper Lady) “Julie, this information is so helpful. I really appreciate your quick response, and now I know exactly what to expect!” - K. J. (West University Place)

“Thanks. You did a great job with the map.” - A. M. (Montrose)

“You did a wonderful, wonderful job. I am just so pleased with it. Thank you for your hard work and congratulations for a job well done. The interior designer is really pleased. I’ve had other installers who did not call me back, or who tried to charge for coming to this neighborhood. We’re really happy with the Wallpaper Lady and her work and commitment.” - B. S. (Sugarland / Greatwood)

“Dear Julie, Thank you for doing a beautiful installation.” - G. M. (River Oaks)