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Wallpaper Installation Process (continued)

  • Pasting Wallpaper

    Pasting the paper.

  • Booking Paper

    Booking the pasted paper.

  • Centering Wallpaper

    Centering the first strip.

  • Action

    Julie Young, the Wallpaper Lady in action!

  • Prepping

    Adding a Little Hollywood Glam to a Bedroom Accent Wall.

  • Ladder

    Strips must be split and 1/8” wrapped around the corner – never wrap the whole strip.

  • Level Wall

    Reaching a really high wall.

  • Mural

    Many murals come in panels rather than strips.

  • Patterns

    Pattern did not match correctly at the seam. This paper was sent back to the manufacturer.


“I never realized how much work goes into getting the walls ready even before the paper goes up…I can see why people call you a perfectionist.” - K. H. (Montrose)

“YOU ARE THE BOMB! Thanks for your email and the information. Anyone claiming to be "The" Wallpaper Lady must know what she's doing!! I look forward to meeting and working with you in the near future” - K. G.

"The faux stone wallpaper behind our wine display turned out fabulous! That’s why I wanted a professional…. My handyman said he could put up the paper, but I wanted someone who really knows the details of how to do it right. Julie, I am thrilled - you made it look great.” - A. (Montrose)